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Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media doesn’t just have to be for large brands to connect with consumers. Every year, more and more companies are leveraging social media to connect with clients, expand their brand, or launch social ad campaigns.

Even though social media and law firms may not seem like the perfect match, it still allows you to answer customer questions, raise brand awareness, and share valuable information or updates. It also gives you a chance to leverage other forms of content such as videos, blogs, white papers, and more.

We can help you capitalize on social media through planning, research, and analytics tracking.

It's time to grow your firm's brand.

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Bring in the Right Clients

With billions of people using social media daily, can you really take advantage of such an expansive platform? You definitely can! Studies have shown that 50% of lawyers have been able to bring in clients through social media.

Have Your Content Seen

There are all types of content you can publish. Case studies, FAQs, blogs, podcasts, and more make great, digestible content for users. Social media is a way to make sure your content is seen and shared by many.

Improve Your SEO

While SEO and social media may seem like distant cousins, both can benefit from one another's efforts. Your content can also get picked up or shared by other outlets, bringing invaluable backlinks or visitors.

Connect With Clients

Social media allows you to connect with potential clients easier and quicker. Clients can reach out for contact information, questions, and more with just a quick click of a button.

Law Firm Social Media Services With Atiba

Digital Ads

If you’re wanting to guarantee your content gets in front of the eyes of many, we can help you craft a social media advertising plan. Through ad creation and copywriting, your ads can bring in more leads.

Social Media Management

This is more than just coming up with clever posts. This also means organizing a social media calendar, tracking data, and making edits along the way.

Infographic Creation

Creating compelling images and infographics with pertinent information can help attract users and make you stand out from the crowd.

How Your Law Firm Can Maximize Social Media

Use a Schedule

Laying out a social media calendar or schedule will make your life much easier. You can align advertising efforts, promote content effectively, and make sure your posts are going out at the right time. That way you’ll spend less time frantically searching for something to post.

High-Quality Videos and Images

No one likes to squint or look at a distorted image or video. If users see low-quality content, they’re going to skip right over it. We can help you put together high-quality graphics, videos, and images to attract clients.


Professional Accounts

While consumer brands like Wendy’s can have a bit of leeway when it comes to always sound professional, law firms don’t have that kind of flexibility. Keep your look, feel, and communication professional.

Focus on Numbers

Easy-to-read numbers and statistics make it easy for users to see what you’re talking about or trying to advertise. Leverage this with infographics, case studies, and other information posts.

Be Genuine

Consumers can easily pick out when a brand isn’t being genuine. By being true to you and your brand, you can establish trust

Let's start making your perfect social media plan.

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