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Digital Marketing for Dentists

As a dentist, you’ve spent your educational career learning how to take care of your patients’ teeth. Marketing your dental office may not be your specialty. Digital marketing is a broad field that covers many disciplines, such as content marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Making sense of it all can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

Our digital marketing experts are here to help you effectively market your dental clinic. While there are many dental offices out there, none are the same as you. That’s why we craft a custom digital marketing plan for your clinic to help get patients in the door.

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Dental Digital Marketing Services

Digital Audit

The perfect marketing plan for your clinic starts with a digital audit. We'll look at your digital footprint before making any big decisions.

Social Media Management

Social media is king these days and many dental practices just haven't found the time to manage their social media presence. We can take care of that for you!

Local SEO

Over 90% of users never get past the first page which means that keeping your business at the top of search results is vital for success.

Content Creation

Need help finding the perfect byline? Want to start a blog? We can edit, create, and review your copy.

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to connect with current and future clients. We'll build the perfect email marketing campaign to help you expand your reach.


Solidifying a brand is the first step to increasing customer engagement and retention. Through various online channels, we'll help set your brand up for success.

Excerpt from our blog post: 5 Simple SEO Tips for Dentists

Did you know that every month, there are 1.8 million searches for 'dentist near me'? That's a ton of people looking to find a dentist at any given moment. More than likely (well over 90% of searches) won't go past the front page. That means if your dental practice is on the second page, you could be losing out on a ton of business. That's why dental SEO is so important. While you might have other marketing efforts such as print media, paid ads, or even commercials dental SEO brings in organic visitors that are just browsing. In order to...
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Why Does Your Dental Office Need Digital Marketing?

Increased Brand Awareness

It takes the average consumer 5-7 interactions with a brand to remember it. That’s why we push your brand through all channels: social, search, paid ads, and more to increase brand awareness and have clients remember your clinic.

Gain Local Attention

If your dental clinic is showing up high in local search rankings, then people are more likely to click on your website and eventually visit your clinic. With local SEO services, your dental clinic can climb the rankings and start to grow.

Missed Opportunities

Ignoring digital marketing is one of the biggest mistakes that dental clinics can make. Just because something seems confusing doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Let our dental digital marketing experts help you and grow your practice.

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