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Hyper-V, also known as Viridian, is a Microsoft virtualization technology introduced 13 years ago. Its goal is to help solve all of your hardware and server needs. Implementing virtual machines into your organization enables a more remote-friendly work environment and helps protect your data.

We’ve been working with Hyper-V since its inception in 2008 and can help you make the most of this Microsoft tool and optimize all of your virtual machines.

We can help you optimize your virtual machines.

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Scalable Solutions

As the business world continues to expand into a more remote-friendly environment, we will be there to help you set up Hyper-V or other virtualization technology, whether you only need a few machines or machines for all your employees.

Emergency Support

We know that technology issues can happen at any time. That’s why we provide emergency support whenever you need it. Our team of qualified experts will make sure that your business experiences minimal downtime.

Half Geek, Half Human

Virtual machines, especially their deployments, can be confusing for everyday workers. We will help make sure you understand every part of the process and system regardless of if virtualization is new for you or you are a technology expert.

Top Advantages of Hyper-V

There are dozens of virtualization software on the market, but these are a few of the main reasons we love Hyper-V.

Simple Deployment and Intuitive Design

A main selling point for Hyper-V is how easy it is to get set up and start utilizing virtual machines. This reduces the pain often associated with integrating software and other technology into your existing setup and can be executed in no time.

After simple deployment, your employees will love how easy it is to navigate throughout their desktop and applications. The intuitive design is perfect for companies with a mixture of tech-savvy employees and those with less experience with virtual machines.


An organization’s IT department often finds itself updating software or hardware and optimizing existing systems. When they begin testing changes they’ve implemented, they generally have to start back over and retrace their steps if something goes wrong.

Hyper-V addresses this issue with an advanced “checkpoint” feature that allows a tester to specify an individual spot in their testing process. Should a test fail, they can return to that checkpoint rather than starting over entirely.

Secure Experience for All

Hyper-V has extensive security measures in place to protect your employees and data from experiencing threats. Using an encryption technology known as BitLocker, Hyper-V provides the protection your machines need to stay secured from data tampering or malware.

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