How Do You Explain Your Job to Your Parents or Grandparents?

By Jake Peterson May 7, 2021

Tech jobs aren’t always the most straightforward. Explaining them to other techies can even be a challenge.

Parents, grandparents, siblings…all love us dearly and just want to learn more about us so questions are natural. Explaining our jobs to non-tech savvy family members can be quite an adventure.

This week, we asked a number of our team members:

“How do you explain your job to your parents/grandparents?”

“My job is to work together with a technology project team. We plan, build, test, and deploy new software and websites. It’s a mix between management, sales, and account management.”

-Rachael Ghobrial, Web Team Lead

“I tell them that I build websites, not super exciting. I say it’s like a digital brochure from the info pamphlets at a tourist center.”

-Randy Hicks, Developer

“I manage a small team of technical analysts. Our team works on computers and internet connections for small to medium businesses.”

-Andrew Massie, IT Services Team Lead

“I try to keep it simple. I say something like ‘marketing and sales for a technology services provider’. If they ask for more information, I say just about everything you can think of: mobile apps, custom software, IT services.”

-Jay Kelley, Chief Growth Officer

“Whenever you search for things on Google like the weather, Mexican restaurants, or a local accountant, I’m trying to help those businesses and websites appear first.”

-Jake Peterson, SEO Specialist

“I work with our team of developers to get websites built. Essentially, I work with a team of coders to use technology to solve problems for clients.”

Annakate Ross, Project Manager

“I usually say I build websites for people and businesses and sometimes add I participate in hack-a-thon events. This has caused my Mom to call and tell me she’s worried about me doing something illegal.”

-Phillip Glidewell, Developer

“I write articles similar to a newspaper, but on the internet for people. I try to help websites increase the number of people they reach through SEO. That basically means more people will see what I write when they use Google.”

-Jordan Flowers, Content Writer

“So let’s say someone’s computer goes down at their house. They call Geek Squad to come to fix it. Well, let’s say Geek Squad can’t fix it and they need people smarter to step in. That’s why they call Atiba. We’re like a Super Geek Squad for businesses.”

-Joey Baggott, Business Development Manager

“I keep it basic: if the lights aren’t blinking right, I make them blink right.”

-Dean Carroll, Network Engineer

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