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Citrix Services

Citrix gives your office the versatility to become a more remote-friendly environment for your employees. By supplying you with a virtual desktop alternative to the traditional desktop and monitor system, Citrix provides your office with more flexibility and cost savings.

We can help you make the most of our Citrix.

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Citrix Virtual Desktops Expertise

Our team of technology experts have been helping businesses implement Citrix virtual machines for nearly 20 years. Choosing us to help implement virtualization technology into your business means you have qualified experts to help you every step of the way.

Ongoing Maintenance Commitment

After your business integrates new technology, Atiba will continue to provide you quality support. This includes troubleshooting problems as they arise, arise and monitoring systems to prevent other issues from ever happening in the first place.

Scalable Options for Your Future

Over time you may find that your business requires additional virtual machines or other technologies to support your development. We are there to help you implement these systems to guarantee a smooth and flawless growth experience.

Biggest Benefits of Using Citrix

Whether you are just getting started with virtualization systems or are seasoned users of them, your business can greatly benefit from Citrix virtual desktops. These are some of our favorite benefits you get with Citrix.

Excellent User Experience

Known for its user-friendly system, Citrix perfects virtual desktops for businesses that have employees with diverse technology backgrounds. The layout and design make the platform easy to navigate, and the desktop and other features and easy to access and understand.

Citrix also helps ensure a more stable connection so users experience minimal downtime and can remain more focused.

Versatile Performance

These virtual desktops can be standardized for all users, meaning they all receive the same capabilities and they can better understand the system. Citrix also lets you provide a more unique experience to your users by giving them different levels of access, which can allow them to personalize their virtual desktop to better fit their workflows.

Virtual machines can also create a more versatile experience in regards to how employees can access their work data. Users can access their desktop from nearly any device that has wireless capabilities such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Perfect for Companies with Limited Bandwidth

Citrix comes equipped with the HDX protocol, which is a powerful technology that can significantly reduce how much bandwidth is required for running things like videos, voice conferencing software, and multimedia displays.

By taking up less bandwidth, the Citrix virtual desktop can provide high-quality performances for businesses with internet speeds that are traditionally slower.

How can Citrix help your business? Reach out today and get in touch today.

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