Businesses can take lessons from Final Four teams

By JJ Rosen April 2, 2023
Businesses can take lessons from Final Four teams

This article originally appeared in The Tennessean.

Communicating, focusing, pivoting, keeping your head up and never giving up.

It takes a lot of skills to be successful in business, and for most of us the learning curve is steep and constant.

But this time of year, specifically March, all of us business types get a chance to learn from the best—an opportunity I look forward to every year.

It’s March Madness time!

I know. Spending hours glued to the television watching the NCAA Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Tournament may not sound like the ultimate way to improve your business skills.

But if you’re tired of reading the latest self-help and business books, burned out on podcasts and webinars, or even bored reading business columns in the paper—a dose of March Madness is just what you need.

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