Best companies figure out how to manage the ‘infinite loop’

By JJ Rosen February 21, 2023
Infinite Loop

This article originally appeared in The Tennessean.

Well, Super Bowl Sunday wasn’t much fun for my wife.

It wasn’t because her team lost (she was neutral this year) or because she ate too many potato chips during the game.

Earlier in the week, she got a fraud alert from her credit card company. It was for a random charge of $3.56 from a strange website she’d never heard of before. It was immediately caught and credited back. And it only took a few minutes on the phone before a replacement card was on the way.

All was good, or so she thought.

She’s a big fan of the Apple Pay digital wallet.  With her iPhone and Apple Watch she pays for everything from coffee to subway rides with a simple swipe of her hand.  It’s one of those small conveniences in life that once you start using it’s hard to go back.

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