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Building Loyal Sports Fans

Using mobile device technologies is “the” new performance-enhancing strategy in the sports world.  Many are finding that it’s a great way to drive fan loyalty.  See how the sports industry embraces the latest technology trends while maintaining a sense of old-school tradition. Check out Atiba’s own JJ Rosen’s latest insights in the Tennessean.

Whitney Blessington is a member of the Atiba family, focusing on Marketing. She specializes in translating geek technology into human terminology.   In addition to leading the Atiba Marketing efforts, Whitney helps clients and partners accomplish their goals using digital marketing communications.

The Relevance and Importance of Gamification

Games and gamification-related promotions are no strangers to best-selling and most-downloaded smartphone app lists. Our JJ Rosen takes a deeper look at the relevance and importance of gamification heading into 2014 in his weekly Tennessean guest blog.

User & Your Experience: Why We’re Here.

We believe that the most effective applications are the ones in which the user – your audience – receives the highest quality experience from. We work with your company to build mobile apps that make your customers feel good about doing business with you.

Many companies and even independent developers can build mobile apps these days. We care about your experience as a customer. Give our team of User Experience Experts, Web Designers and Top Level Software Coders the chance to do what we love best – work with you!