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New Smartphone Mobile Blogs on

Our main man JJ Rosen continues to contribute solid blog posts to, and in the middle of the holiday season, there’s plenty of mobile trends and news to talk about.

How Smartphone Apps Can Help The Healthcare Crisis

Most people think of apps for either entertainment or informational purposes, but not necessarily to help our nation solve a crisis. Atiba’s JJ Rosen takes a look at how smartphone apps may actually be able to help solve the health care crisis in America.

Are Desk Phones Really Going Away?

Just when I started getting really excited about having a desk with a phone on it, our resident Tennessean guest blogger JJ Rosen posted one on the imminent death of the desk phone.

Mobile Marketing: The Day Everything Changed

Our new chief geek of blogging, JJ Rosen, continues his solid run of contributions to the Tennessean. JJ was asked to weigh in consistently on mobile trends, from data security, to design, usability and marketing.

Mobile Data Security: Chief Geek Speaks About Smartphone Usage

When a company makes an investment in an employee, a choice needs to be made by the company (and by the employee) about how business will be conducted on said employee’s mobile device. As our Chief Geek, JJ Rosen pointed out in a recent contribution he made to the Tennessean, there are plenty of considerations beyond just the surface level device itself.

New Apple iPhone 5 Features – Ingenius or Overrated?

The latest edition to the iPhone family was born and is expected to be the best iPhone to date. Over five million people ran out to buy the new iPhone 5 when it was released this month, breaking previous record numbers. But is the iPhone 5 better than all the rest? Let’s take a closer look into the upgrades the iPhone 5 is comprised of and see what consumers are reporting about the new features.

The Future of Smartphones

In the last five years smartphones have grown astronomically. With new technology came smaller, thinner and more advanced cell phones than ever before. Most of us can still remember our first cell phone being a big, bulky block of a phone that could only make phone calls, and even that wasn’t guaranteed every time.

How Smartphone Apps Change our Social Lives

The explosion of the iPhone and smartphone apps has made a dramatic impact on our social lives. I bet most of you don’t even realize just how much it has changed your social life. I’m not here to tell you how terrible this new found technology can be or to judge anyone due to their choice in social media. I’m simply making the comparison of then verses now. We all know technology has been making leaps and bounds in the digital world, but how many of you think your social life has increase due to this phenomenon? It has now become a norm to have your phone attached to you at all times, but how many of you actually enjoy talking on the phone all the time?