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Nashville Angular Developer Services

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Nashville Angular Developer Services

At a glance, some might confuse Angular with angler, an avid fisherman. While we do love relaxing with a fishing pole on a calm day, we’re going to be talking about something a bit geekier.

We here at Atiba have been working with Angular since its initial release. Today, we’re going to run over what Angular is, why we love it, and what services we can provide with this web application framework.

Who’s ready to cast out and find some answers?

What is Angular?

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Since we’ve moved past the fishing part, let’s dive into what Angular actually is.

Angular, also known as Angular 2+ or Angular v2 and above, is an open-source web application framework. In the past Angular was known as AngularJS and was actually completely rewritten from the ground-up.

The framework was actually created by several individuals from Google, large corporations, and community members. From the outside, it looks like the GoFundMe of the tech world.

Angular has undergone many updates and versions, currently on the 10th version. All versions of angular are supported for a year and a half which is broken up into six months of active support and then one year of long-term support.

What is Angular Used For?

Angular is used to develop web applications that can be used across multiple platforms including web, mobile devices, and desktops. Angular prides itself on being relatively easy to understand and work with. Developers building with Angular will regularly be using declarative templates, two-way binding, and more.

One of the reasons we love Angular is because of how straightforward it is and how clear it enforces its best practices.

Why We Love Angular

Since we’re Angular veterans, it isn’t too hard for us to pick out a few things that we love about the framework.

Design Architecture

As mentioned above, Angular makes things simple when building web applications. While other large frameworks can overload you with components, Angular makes it a breeze to manage various components. This is especially handy for when a new programmer or developer enters a project. They can quickly be caught up to speed and not waste any time.

Plus, Angular makes it so code can be easily found and developed over the course of the project.

MVC Architecture

Yes, another architecture based pro.

MVC, or model-view-controller, enhances the value of a framework and is also able to set a strong foundation for other prominent features, such as scopes or data binding.

With Angular, you can easily implement MVC architecture, making any work more streamlined and efficient.


To the average person, code can look jumbled and confusing. To developers, it can also look jumbled and confusing. TypeScript is fantastic because it makes code look much, much cleaner than other tools, making it easy to decipher and understand.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and will alert users to any errors or mistakes made during the coding process. While this may not be necessary for small projects, it is incredibly helpful for large projects involving multiple team members over a long period of time.

It’s also highly scalable, meaning it can handle whatever size project you throw its way.

The Community

the angular community

Angular has been such a community-driven project that it’d be impossible to leave this out. There are plenty of groups, instruction manuals, and support for any issue or problem that arises. Our developers have regularly tapped into the community for tips and tricks.

The Cons of Angular

It can’t be all sunshine and rainbows, what are some things we wish we could change?

Not SEO Focused

We know the importance of SEO here at Atiba and while there are plenty of steps one can take to improve their search visibility. Angular, however, doesn’t have the best tools for SEO. That’s why you have to take different steps to ensure your rankings don’t plummet.

Steep Learning Curve

While we have raved about Angular being cleaner and easier to implement additional developers, it does have a steep learning curve. Those familiar with JavaScript may need a bit of extra time to fully grasp Angular and everything it has to offer.

Atiba is Nashville’s Angular Developer

Even though Angular may come with its fair share of cons, that doesn’t make this framework any less valuable when it comes to developing web applications. We have years of experience working with Angular and its predecessor, designing web applications for multiple clients.

We’ve used Angular for small businesses and enterprise-scale applications.

Not only are we experts in building these applications, but you’ll also receive:

  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Regular standup meetings
  • Consultation and strategy sessions
  • Ongoing app support and troubleshooting

As one of the top tech firms around, we are the leaders when it comes to Nashville Angular developers. We’ve got the hands-on experience to get you where you want to go. If you want to see us in action or are just looking for more information, reach out today for a free quote!