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Atiba Is A Google Fiber Tech Partner

Google Fiber Tech Partner logo

There has been a lot of buzz around Nashville over the last few years about the arrival of Google Fiber. There are T-Shirts, Twitter posts about fiber being installed in neighborhoods, and a general excitement about the potential what this high-speed network option has to offer.

Some small businesses can get overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a new network for the office, especially if they have been using the same provider for years or decades. Questions about data security and cloud computing hang in the air, and many businesses don’t know where to look for help.

That’s where the Google Fiber Tech Partner program comes in. Google has authorized small to medium sized businesses with IT capabilities to officially help businesses to make the most of their new Google Fiber connection. Google Fiber Tech Partners can help with:

  • VoIP
  • Virtualization
  • Email hosting and spam protection
  • Cloud computing
  • Enterprise IT architecture
  • Virtual data centers
  • Disaster recovery
  • Help desk services
  • General hardware consulting

Atiba is a proud Google Fiber Tech Partner. In fact, we were the first company in the greater Nashville area to be named to the program. If you need help or guidance setting up your Google Fiber network, call us at 615.353.1921, drop us a line at, or fill out the Nashville Google Fiber Partner form online and we’ll let you know how we can help.

An Atiba Assist at Studio A

Music Row’s famed RCA Studio A is teeming with history. Icons such as Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Keith Urban have recorded there since Chet Atkins opened the studio more than 50 years ago.

StudioA1But with a nod to its past Studio A is also forging ahead in the present. Producer-in-residence Dave Cobb is working with current stars such as Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton. And ensuring the studio has the best technology will only strengthen the lure for more artists to add their names to Studio A’s list of legends.

So when Cobb fired up a 4K video from YouTube on the computer next to his soundboard — and it played as fast and clean as an HD movie — Studio A took another step forward. Google Fiber had arrived.

(The video? Puppy races, in case you’re interested…who wouldn’t want to watch a puppy race?)

Also, Studio A’s tenants got a chance to see Google Fiber up close and sign up for the groundbreaking new service. As a Google Fiber Tech Partner, Atiba was also on hand to help answer questions about installation and network requirements.

gf-tech-partner-digital-newAtiba is currently offering its Fiber Assist Program to help businesses get their network ready for Google Fiber. Once you join the program, a member of Atiba’s Network Services team will come to your office for a full network assessment, which includes the following services:

  • Assess network and firewall
  • Assess network switch for gigabit optimization
  • Assess cabling for gigabit support
  • Assess server/wiring closet location
  • Generate official report

Atiba can then offer you our Fiber Bundle, which includes a gigabit switch and gigabit firewall optimized for Google Fiber. The bundle will ensure that your business is taking full advantage of all the high-speed services that Google Fiber has to offer. Which is music to the ears of any business.

Thanks to our friends at Google Fiber and the immensely talented folks at Studio A for letting us tag along. For more information on how Atiba can assist with Google Fiber call us at (615) 353-1921.


Nashville Google Fiber

Nashville Google Fiber

Google announced yesterday that they have chosen to expand their Google Fiber gigabit Internet service to Nashville. This is big news for Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee.

Gigabit Internet service translates to connection speeds of 1 Gbps, or 1000 Mbps. This means some user’s speeds will increase up to 100 times faster than their current, basic broadband service.

History has shown that with increased bandwidth comes increased productivity.  As we have moved many of our clients to the cloud over the past few years, bandwidth has become more important than ever.  Connections of this magnitude will change the landscape of what we use and view on our laptops and PDAs. Faster Internet speeds will translate to greater convenience, more flexibility, seamless collaboration, and open the doors to using technology in brand new ways. That equates to gaining efficiencies and building economic growth. All good news for our fair city and surrounding areas!

The city is buzzing with excitement

“It’s exciting to see Nashville recognized as a high opportunity, high growth technology market. The ubiquity of online content and data will affect businesses of all sizes in a positive way.  The future is now even brighter for Nashville.  Atiba is excited to be a part of that growth.” says JJ Rosen, CEO of Atiba.

Mayor Karl Dean added after Google’s announcement, “I am happy to announce that after almost a year of anticipation, Google Fiber is coming to Nashville… There was a lot of competition, and I think they’ve made a very wise choice.”

Google has already successfully launched the service in Provo, Kansas City and Austin. In the second wave of roll-outs, Google will launch the new, subscription-based service in several Nashville neighborhoods beginning in 2015, along with other areas of Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte.

The Atiba Team is excited about the future and embraces Nashville Google Fiber as part of that mix.  We are already exploring ways our clients can leverage this new service. If you have a question or idea of how to leverage gigabit Internet or another service, give us a shout by emailing us at