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Nashville: From ‘it’ town to “IT” town

Welcome to the new “IT” Town of Nashville, Tennessee!   

A few years ago, Nashville received a lot of national press about being the new ‘it’ town, growing leaps and bounds predominantly fueled by the healthcare and music industries.  But now, Information Technology is the new “IT” that everyone is buzzing about.

The reality is that technology services have been working away in the background for a few decades now.  As an IT consultant and programmer working here since 1992, opportunities to make a living, become a coder, learn new things, and collaborate with other techies have been virtually unlimited.

Back in the 80’s — healthcare and music kick-started the larger technology related projects centered around those two sectors.   With the 90’s came an explosion of startup activity that with it brought all kinds of new adventures for techies.  Fast forward to 2000 …. Nashville techies began thriving with every role from coder to CIO in high demand.

Now in 2015, the landscape has expanded to become a veritable buffet of forward-thinking IT strategies and projects.  In fact, a day in the life of a Nashville techie is a day filled with variety.  From a techie perspective, Nashville is not a one-platform town.   Linux and Microsoft and are both popular. Java, ,.Net, Python, Ruby on Rails,  PHP, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server – you name it, all are in the mix across middle Tennessee.   The result is a workforce — from network techs, to developers and project managers — that has the ability choose and grow skillsets based upon individual interests.

Furthermore, Nashville is a friendly town that is known as an “easy” place to live.   The culture, creativity and hospitality has helped establish a techie sub-culture of people that support one another.   Stuck on a complex Ruby issue?   Need advice on a project?   Put the word out and techie peers are always glad to help.   For fellow techies looking for cool stuff to work on and cool people to work with – welcome to Nashville!

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