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Learning by Doing – A Day in the Life of an Atiba Intern

       Working in information technology is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Each day is a new day; no day is ever the same. New tasks, opportunities, and challenges arise as others fade away.

I did not know what to expect on my first day at Atiba. I have been surrounded by computers and technology my entire life, yet the practice of truly understanding technology, its ins and outs, and its greater capabilities seamed so foreign to me. I would like to consider myself having slightly better computer know-how than the average twenty year old but compared to the professionals at Atiba, I know very little. That is begging to change.

In my few weeks at Atiba, I have been exposed to multiple areas of IT. Each day I have learned something I did not know the day before. And that continual growth of knowledge is priceless. The very first task I did at Atiba was quality assurance (QA) for the upcoming launch of a client’s rebranded website. Conceptually, I had learned about QA in school, but Atiba empowered me to learn by doing. Since the first task, Atiba has allowed me to contribute to their social media library, help manage their CRM systems, observe how technical support specialists operate, and visit customers on site. I am thankful for Atiba letting me freelance across the company to better understand IT. Interning at Atiba has been an incredible experience and the people working there have been even better. To the Atiba team that has taken time out of their busy days to help an intern learn a little more than the days before, thank you.