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In a world that is going increasingly mobile, web designers have to be aware of all the different screen dimensions that are accessing websites around the world. In order to design a website that will present an optimal user experience whether it is being viewed on a 4-inch phone screen, a 10-inch tablet, or a 34-inch desktop monitor, top web designers use responsive web design.

multiple sized screensWith responsive web design, Atiba designers use fluid grids, which sizes elements by proportion instead of absolute dimensions like the number of pixels. Images are also sized in a relative manner so that the images can stay within the constraints of the column or other design element they appear in.

Designers also have to take into consideration the user experience difference between using a mouse and a touch screen. Something that may be easy to select with a mouse on a large desktop screen may be nearly impossible to access with a finger on a small phone screen.

Our responsive web designers take both mouse and touch access into account in all our responsive web design projects.

A third consideration is speed. When designing for mobile devices, excessively large graphics and other media elements, including ads, can really slow loading times making for unpleasant user experience and lead to a higher abandonment rate. Nobody wants users bailing from their website because the poor design made the experience too slow.

If you have a new website you need to be designed or you want to update an existing site with responsive web design, let us know. We’ll be happy to let you know how we can help.

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