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Quality Assurance and Software Code Audit

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There are clear benefits to doing a software code audit and review. The first, most obvious one, is to check for code quality and to make sure your code isn’t outdated and ready to be replaced. We have done code reviews for companies large and small, and our independent, neutral findings are presented in such a way to give clients actionable steps to take for code improvement.

computer code on screenA Quality Assurance (QA) audit is a bit of a different situation. In a QA review, we look at technical quality, user experience, media, databases and processes, both internal and for the end user. The goal is always to find ways to make your software better, more reliable, more secure and easier to use.

A Compliance Audit is something we do a lot of in healthcare and education. In heavily regulated industries, there are strict guidelines and regulatory mandates that your software must adhere to. As an outside company, we are in a position to let you know where you do and do not conform to regulations without bias or a hidden motive.

Atiba has decades of experience in perform various types of technical audits and reviews. Let us know if you need any kind of technical audit and review service.


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