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Our graphic designers hold to a key philosophy: art is meant to be viewed, whereas design is meant to be used. This belief guides all of their work when producing the design of websites and applications. If we have become known for anything, it’s this. To clients and users, our interfaces are usually described as elegant, beautiful, and intuitive. To our designers, it’s all in a day’s work.

Development is defined in 2 areas; front end and back end. Front end development is the kind of programming that turns a flat graphic design into a working web page or application. We’re extremely picky about our CSS/HTML standards so our clients can be sure that their users will experience websites and applications exactly as intended. We ensure that functions work on all types of browsers just as they should to the best level available.

Back end programming could also be called “background” programming since much of it is never seen by a user. If your site requires a Content Management System (CMS), special functions with data, eCommerce, or integrates with other systems, you’ll be needing it. To put it simply, this type of development is all about problem-solving. We solve them so you won’t have to.

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  • – eCommerce
  • – Content Management
  • – Responsive/Web App
  • – Branding & User Experience
  • – WordPress
  • – HTML5
  • – Wireframes
  • – CSS3
  • – WebGL
  • – JavaScript
  • – CoffeeScript
  • – CMS/Frameworks
  • – Laravel, Django