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Marketing rule: measure first. If it's not working, don't do it.

All of your business decisions should be research-driven. Marketing is not simply trial and error. It’s trial, testing, analysis, error, trial and then success…then success again…then success again, and so on. It's OK to celebrate with cartwheels around the office.

We've been using Google Analytics for years and our experts have the knowledge to look at what you've been doing and find out where you can improve and more importantly, how you can improve.

Simply put, as part of our SEO Services, assist with Google Analytics and provide ROI analyses on a monthly basis to not only show value but ultimately help make the right decisions to move your business forward.

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  • – Google Analytics
  • – Google Webmasters
  • – Facebook Insights
  • – Twitter Analytics
  • – Marketo
  • – Adobe Omniture
  • – Bounce Rate
  • – Cost Per Conversion
  • – Redemption Rate
  • – Attribution Modeling
  • – Goals & Funnels
  • – Referral Sources