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Introducing Atiba’s Fiber Assist


Is your business ready for Google Fiber? And more importantly, what do you do with it once you’ve got it?

Atiba is here to help. We are Nashville’s first Google Fiber Tech Partner and we’re offering our free Fiber Assist Program to ensure your company’s network is Google Fiber ready — and also help you manage your network and the bandwidth benefits going forward.

Once you sign up for Fiber Assist a member of Atiba’s Network Services team will come to your office for a full network assessment, which includes the following services:


  • Assess network and firewall
  • Assess network switch for Gigabit optimization
  • Assess cabling for Gigabit support
  • Assess server/wiring closet location
  • Generate official report


Atiba can then offer you our Fiber Bundle, which includes a Gigabit switch and Gigabit firewall optimized for Google Fiber. The bundle will ensure that your business is taking full advantage of all the high-speed services (and savings!) that Google Fiber has to offer.

Contact Atiba today at (615) 353-1921 to learn more about our free Fiber Assist Program and help you prepare for this groundbreaking new service. It’s high time your business ran at high speed. Google and Atiba will work together to make it run faster than ever before.

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