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IT Security: Top 5 Best Practices

2014 has been the year of the hacker.   Sony, eBay, Target – all great companies that were victims of major hacks.

As computer consultants, at Atiba we get to see a lot of the good and bad as it relates to IT security.   While nothing is 100% secure, over the past 20 years we have observed that there are 5 must have best practices that every company large or small should implement.

Here are our Top 5  Security Tips:

  • Use 2 factor authentication as much as possible.   Passwords are not enough.   Check out for a summary of how this works.
  • Double check that all your corporate data in encrypted at all times.
  • Proactively test security from the outside in.   Using a 3rd party firm (like !) or 3rd party tools you can often catch a security hole before someone else does.
  • Use the cloud as much as possible.  The cloud is not a one-size fits all solution – but for smaller companies the Amazon EC2 Cloud and/or the Microsoft Azure cloud are generally more secure than on-premise systems.
  • Keep servers and network devices patched.  The risk of a patch causing problems is low compared to the risk of a security hole.

Stay secure!



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