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Traditional website development can be broken down into two broad components, front end, and back end development. The back end, or server-side, is basically all the code and databases the developers configure to run the functionality of the website.

The front end is where developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to manipulate that data into the functioning website end-users interact within their browsers.

abstract imageIt is one thing to develop a functioning front end, and new tools are released every year that make that task progressively easier. What is difficult is to build a front end that users love to use. That’s where experience comes in.

Experienced front end developers can quickly identify user experience and functionality issues that may arise, and they have the knowledge to work around those issues to make for a better interactive experience. They also know the importance of testing, analyzing the results of those tests, and making the proper adjustments and changes along the development path.

A front end developer isn’t just a designer. They have to know about optimization for search engines and for fast load time. Front end developers also have to be up-to-date on the best practices of responsive web design to ensure that your website loads efficiently and the interface works as intended no matter what kind of device or size of the screen it is loaded on.

Atiba is a front end development company with a senior team of developers that has the experience and knowledge to build your interface to meet and exceed the user experience you’re looking for. If you have a web development project, let us know and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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