Branding Website Design

By JJ Rosen January 10, 2023
Branding Web Design

Branding is everything when it comes to business. It’s what the business is and the message it wants to pass along to its customers. Branding website design is focusing on the business’ brand when designing its website.

Many people may think, “Well, of course, you want your website to match your brand.” This may seem obvious, but there’s more to it than just colors and a logo.

Website design MUST be attractive and evoke emotion from the message the business wants to send to people. Now, that web design is much more complex.

Branding Website Design from the Professionals

Web design always starts with a consultation. During the consultation, the website designer and development discuss:

  • Color palette

  • Target audience

  • Brand image

  • Logo design

  • Design inspiration

When developing a new website, it’s important that it captures the essence of what the business is all about in a way that converts website visitors to buyers.

Professional web designers will help you hone in on your brand identity and brand story if they aren’t not crystal clear. They will also provide advice in how to use that brand identity in design elements on web pages.

With branding website design, you can two services in one. Business branding help AND a website that aligns with it.

Key Design Elements to Match Brand Personality

Brand recognition happens when people can take something away with them after interacting with a business. The aim for branding website design is to make an impression on the website user that it sends them away with a memory of the business.

The way that we improve brand recognition is by incorporating design elements that make websites stand out from the competition. We do this first with color.

Color Scheme

The color scheme is an important part of conveying a brand personality. Colors evoke emotions and the emotions relate to where they started – with the business’ website.

Many people believe they need bold colors to grab website visitors’ attention. That is not true. Bold colors may not be in line with a brand’s personality, which sends the wrong message.

For instance, you would using bright red, yellow, and green for a spa. Instead, you want soft hues of color in shades of green, beige, and blues.

When coming up with a color scheme with your brand designer, think of the emotions that arise when people look at the colors. If those emotions relate to the colors, that’s the right color scheme.

Website Layout

Part of website design is the website layout. The best websites have a simple website layout that provide a good user experience.

The main navigation of the website needs to identify what potential customers are looking for when they land on the homepage and other web pages. Knowing what to place in the main navigation is something that the entire team decides.

In addition to the main navigation, the website layout also includes many different aspects such as photos, videos, and website content. Each one of these elements need to be placed in just the right spots to bring together an impressive and effective website.

The entire design process is a partnership between web designer and web developer. Together, the entire team can work together to achieve a final product that not only delivers the brand’s personality accurately, but also turns potential customers into buyers.

How Branding Website Design Improves Online Presence

No one will see your website if you don’t have a good online presence. That’s why in addition to making sure your site reflects your brand, you need to cast a wider net across the Internet.

To boost your online presence, you need to take the branding work you and your brand designer did to entice people to visit your site. This means giving your target audience the same experience they would have on your site on social media, through email, and even on search engine optimized blog posts.

Potential customers are all around you online. You just have to show them your business is there for them. Once you’re done with your website design, you can then use that foundation to take your online presence to the next level.

How It Increases Rate of Repeat Customers

A good brand image sticks to people, especially when it matches the needs and desires of them. That’s why infusing brand identity into a site is essential. You want people to leave with the experience of the brand’s impact. You want that experience to make them want to come back for more.

Repeat website visitors is just as hard as getting to your site in the first place. It’s important, though. Those repeat visitors are the ones that are easier to convert. Branding website design aides in that.

How Atiba Can Help

Atiba is a all-in-one tech services company that offers everything a business owner needs to be successful online. Branding website design is part of its web design and development services.

Our web designers and developers are highly experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable. We don’t use website templates that many of your competitors are likely using. We build custom websites to ensure that your site has the features and capabilities to scale with your business.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

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