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5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Through Managed Services

In an ever-growing world of technology, it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with the myriad of changes and risks involved with “doing it yourself”. That is why more and more businesses and organizations are outsourcing their IT department to a Managed Services company. As National Director of Business Development for Atiba a Nashville Managed Services company, here are my top 5 benefits that can immediately be gained through outsourcing your IT through Managed Services.

1. Controlling Costs

Outsourcing allows you to budget effectively by only paying for what you use when you need it. Also, rather than having a full-time IT staff that may or may not have “enough work” to justify their compensation, outsourcing Managed Services allows you to focus your resources where you need them most.

2. Reduce Risk

No matter the business, there is sensitive data and information that needs to be protected. Are you positive that your current firewall, servers and security measures are up to date and doing their assigned tasks? A Managed Services company who is familiar with the requirements and standards needed to stay compliant will allow you to minimize the risk associated with maintaining sensitive information.

3. Experienced and Qualified

If the HR department is hiring the IT staff, how do they know that they have the experience truly needed to meet the needs of the organization? Would you go see a doctor if you were the only patient, or would you want one that has seen and diagnosed many issues before? The same is for your IT department. Trust the experts that are seeing more “patients”.

4. Higher Efficiency

Organizations that turn to the DIY approach can have much higher costs and longer time frames for implementation and fixes, which filters down to their customers. A highly skilled Managed Services team can implement new technology and forecast issues prior to them happening, allowing no downtime and loss of production. This also allows the organization to focus on their core business rather than IT decisions that may or may not be correct or needed at all.

5. Level the Playing Field

Having a Managed Services partner will allow your organization to have access to similar technology and expertise that typically only larger corporations have. This allows you to grow and scale at the pace you want without worrying about your IT keeping up. This is also closely related to the first benefit I listed regarding controlling costs.

Each one of these benefits can easily be dissected further, creating a much larger list of reasons to outsource your IT department to a Managed Services company, but this should give you enough information to start the conversation within your organization of what is best for you and your business. As a Nashville Managed Services company, Atiba are happy to answer any questions you have surrounding this service.