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Introducing: Atiba Version 3.0

Atiba Nashville Technology and Web Design

We are enjoying a new year, new offices, and a fresh, new look for Atiba.  Our inspiration?  The principal of Kaizen.  Kaizen is the philosophy that you must have continuous improvement and break the mold every once in a while to make a transformative improvement.  That is exactly what we have done with the Atiba brand in the past 6 months.  Under that guiding principle, the Atiba Team is proud to introduce Atiba Version 3.0.

This latest ‘revolution’ was inspired by the incredible range of needs and innovative thinking of our clients and their customers.  Just as our hometown, Nashville, has transformed, so too have our client’s needs and service offerings.  We have grown along with them – expanding our services by supporting local tech startups and hiring the best programmers, designers and digital marketers in the area.

This re-brand maintains the essence of Atiba which remains our core “half geek and half human” composition while also showcasing the large range of services we now offer.  We have some team members that are highly technical (the best in the business, in fact) and some that understand business and excel at client communications.  While our developers create best-in-class software and network architecture, our client relations and project management teams understand business challenges and can help demystify the available technology and provide practical and successful solutions.

New features on the website:

1) We present more client sample work and service overviews to allow you to get a feel for our work and the range of businesses we serve.

2) Buzz Atiba – our direct line to the 24/7 Help Desk and Emergency Support – is now just a click away for clients. As an IT Managed Services client or Website client, you can ‘buzz’ us any time to request changes or if you need help.

3) Just click here if you need help with a service or provide us your email (on the bottom of the home page) if you’d like to sign up for our newsletter.

4) Join the team!  There is now a way to contact us about job opportunities and become a part of the Atiba Team.

5) And, if you’re interested in seeing what the Atiba Team can do for you, just click the orange “Request a Proposal” button at the top of the home page and complete the quick form.  Our client services team will get back to you right away.

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it helpful.  We understand all this ‘techie stuff’ can be intimidating, so we are doing our best to show each of our services in both a technical and a human light.

IT Security: Top 5 Best Practices

2014 has been the year of the hacker.   Sony, eBay, Target – all great companies that were victims of major hacks.

As computer consultants, at Atiba we get to see a lot of the good and bad as it relates to IT security.   While nothing is 100% secure, over the past 20 years we have observed that there are 5 must have best practices that every company large or small should implement.

Here are our Top 5  Security Tips:

  • Use 2 factor authentication as much as possible.   Passwords are not enough.   Check out for a summary of how this works.
  • Double check that all your corporate data in encrypted at all times.
  • Proactively test security from the outside in.   Using a 3rd party firm (like !) or 3rd party tools you can often catch a security hole before someone else does.
  • Use the cloud as much as possible.  The cloud is not a one-size fits all solution – but for smaller companies the Amazon EC2 Cloud and/or the Microsoft Azure cloud are generally more secure than on-premise systems.
  • Keep servers and network devices patched.  The risk of a patch causing problems is low compared to the risk of a security hole.

Stay secure!