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Unified Communications: The end is near for desk phones

By J.J. Rosen
For The Tennessean

“Mr. Watson, come here — I want to see you.”

With those famous words that Alexander Graham Bell uttered in 1876, the telephone was born. It was an amazing technical advancement that changed the future.

Are Desk Phones Really Going Away?

Just when I started getting really excited about having a desk with a phone on it, our resident Tennessean guest blogger JJ Rosen posted one on the imminent death of the desk phone.

Mobile Marketing: The Day Everything Changed

Our new chief geek of blogging, JJ Rosen, continues his solid run of contributions to the Tennessean. JJ was asked to weigh in consistently on mobile trends, from data security, to design, usability and marketing.

Atiba Network Services Adds Regional Emmy Winner

Atiba Network Services, LLC ( has announced the hiring of Sr. Network Technician Kevin Mason. He joins the Atiba family from NewsChannel 5, where he was a key leader in the IT department for 12 years, winning three regional Emmy awards for Engineering Achievement.